The Great Debate ...
}About every ten years or so, there is a “great debate” between, on the one had,
those who see the problem of data modelling through a more or less relational lens,
and on the other, a noisier set of “refuseniks” who have a hot new thing to promote.
The debate usually goes like this:
Refuseniks: Hah! You relational people with your flat tables and silly query
languages! You are so unhip! You simply cannot deal with the problem of [INSERT
NEW THING HERE]. With an [INSERT NEW THING HERE]-DBMS we will finish you,
and grind your bones into dust!
R-people: You make some good points. But unfortunately a) there is an enormous
amount of money invested in building scalable, efficient and reliable database
management products and no one is going to drop all of that on the floor and b) you
are confusing DBMS engineering decisions with theoretical questions. We plan to
incorporate the best of these ideas into our products.~
Source: Derived from [Brown01]