> Hong Kong Java User Group, 04 September 2002

Time: 19:00 (presentation starts at 19:30)
Venue: INETS, 2 Floor Chuang's Enterprise Building, 382 Lockhart Road, Wanchai
Topic: Using Web Services Today (and Tomorrow)
Speaker: Mark Colan, Lead E-Business Technology Evangelist, IBM

Click here for Mark Colan's presentation (PDF)


There has been a lot of hype about how Web services will be used. This talk introduces Web services from a practical level, how they're being used today by real customers for EAI and B2B, and how Web services fits emerging technologies like grid computing and connecting wireless devices. The focus is on business and technical value of using Web services technologies.

We'll start by discussing the problems in EAI and B2B integration, then gives a brief architectural introduction to the technologies, including the newest ideas like and WS-Security. Next we talk about using Web services, and present customer stories on actual Web Services implementations. The talk includes a brief presentation of the IBM strategy for Web services, including our work with standards, open source, products, and how we work with customers. We'll have a look at a few customer case studies. Last, we'll talk about trends and directions, including uses for Web services beyond EAI and B2B integration.


Mark Colan is IBM's lead e-business technology evangelist for IBM Corporation. He gives technical, keynote, and customer presentations on Web services and XML technologies and strategy, and has spoken at most XML conferences in 2000 and 2001, as well as Java One '98 and '99.

Before joining IBM, Mark worked at Lotus Development Corporation for 12 years, and helped to develop several commercial products. With over 20 years experience in designing and implementing commercial software products and technologies, Mark is well versed in component software strategies, operating systems, and software tools. He served as the Lead Architect for the InfoBus Technology, a Java Standard Extension developed at Lotus.