> Hong Kong Java User Group, 03 April 2004

Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue: Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Lecture Hall TU101
Topic: JBoss, the Professional Open-Source J2EE Server
Speaker: Ben Wang, JBoss Inc.

View Ben' presentation (PDF)


Ben got his Ph.D. degree in engineering from Iowa State University specializing in high-speed and parallel computation. After graduation, he has worked as a Research Scientist doing high-speed computation for NASA. Since 1997, he has worked for various startups in Silicon Valley, California, both as developer and manager in fileds such as engineering simulations, VoIP telecom, mobile Internet solutions, and network management. Ben came across JBoss in one of his previous work when he was looking for an alternative J2EE application server. He was hooked immediately to the beauty of the architecture. He joined the JBoss, Inc. on November 2003 after working as a open-source contributor for a while. Currently he is working on JBossCache and Clustering. He is the co-authors of the JBossCache, an open-source, transactional and replicated cache that can be used either inside JBoss application server, or as a standalone product. Details of JBossCache can be found here ( Besides developing the latest features for JBossCache, he also spends time teaching and consulting on J2EE/JBoss for enterprises.


JBoss is currently the premier open-soruce J2EE application server on the market. In this talk, we will cover both the business side of JBoss on what makes it popular, and the underlying architecture of the JBoss. Next, we will focus on the open-source development model using JBoss as an example. We will examine the JBoss model and see how it operates. Topics of development process such as architecting, code management, QA and release processes will be discussed in details. We will look at how JBoss implements its mcro-kernel based on JMX to enable flexibility. We will define AOP (aspect-oriented programming) and discuss its implementation in the JBoss application server, showing how a microkernel combined with simple AOP technology can enable the creation of generalized containers. From small single purpose embedded controls to large enterprise systems, JBoss middleware enables easy system assembly by AOP and aspects. Finally, the JBoss' supported open-soruce projects such as Tomcat, Hibernate, JGroups, JBossCache, and Nukes will be discussed.